Clothing size

The sizing of baby clothes for the first three months is always a bit tricky. As each person is different, the growth pattern varies per person as well.

In our experience and in the experience of many parents and baby clothing manufacturers we have talked with, in general a baby goes through 2 standard clothing sizes in the first few months. Relatively fast, if not from the beginning, the new-born comfortably fits into a size 56. Therefore we have chosen to use size 56 for the entire the collection.

Our experience also tells us that there is a certain margin in which sizes vary and do not fall in the standard sizing scheme. To provide a solution for that, in the design stage, foldable waist on pants have been taken into account to make sure we minimize the chances of having incorrect sizes for your new-born.

As with anything else at BebaBox, we would love for you to share your experiences with us when it comes to BebaBox as well as any feedback or suggestions on sizes or anything else. Please contact us and let's create this world in which you are enabled to enjoy life with your newborn to the fullest.