Mother hygiene

The period in which a mother is getting ready to give birth is marked by stress; throughout the family. Not only stress with regards to giving labor but also practical things such as buying everything needed for hospital and the first period at home. The health and hygiene of a mother is of the utmost importance, not only for herself, but also for the new-born.


Besides the regular hygiene that is taken care of in everyday life, in the period right before until right after giving birth there are some specific extra hygienic measures that should be taken. This in order to make sure that a mother heals well, feels well and can focus on loving and caring for this beautiful new life.

Therefore, the BebaBox includes products for soon-to-be mothers which are needed in hospital and straight away when taking the beautiful baby home. We work together with renowned Croatian producers and products to make sure we provide nothing but the best and the safest for the personal hygiene of mothers.

The BebaBox contains the following mother hygiene items:

1 cotton bag
3-in-1 showergel
Lip balm

Toilet paper
Kitchen towels

Sanitary pads

Face- and bodycream
Absorbent nursing pads
Balm for natural care of nipples