Our story

As the mother and father of two beautiful boys, we know what it is like to become parents. Especially the first time you get a baby, this period is marked with lots of insecurity, excitement and stress. We took all of the different types of excitement and stress (both positive and negative) as a given as all of that was as it should be; it was 'normal'. Indeed it is normal that parents-to-be or new parents experience a great deal of excitement and stress. At the same time we feel that it is only 'normal' as well that you try to minimize the unnecessary stress so that you are able to focus on the more important, real parts of parenting and caring for your newborn baby.

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With this idea in mind BebaBox was founded. 

In the following months, an enormous amount of time was spent on investigating what exactly should be part of this all-in-one package. Possible suppliers were contacted, meetings were held and choices were made. In selecting the right suppliers, the below points were kept in mind and a careful balance of these factors resulted in the suppliers we now work with.



Local producers


The most comprehensive process in this project has been the design and creation of the BebaBox Collection. 

This collection consists of all the clothes new parents need for the first 3 months of their baby's life and several other fabric items. All items of this collection can be combined with one another and the quality, design and cuteness of the collection will bring out the quality, design and cuteness of your new-born even more. Once you see and touch the result you will notice your heart will melt and the upcoming parenthood will become more real.


The BebaBox Collection together with the hygienic products for both mother and child provide a fantastic investment for parents-to-be and a great gift of family and friends. It is rare that you can buy your comfort in a box and we would not have hesitated to buy this product ourselves if it would have been on the market at that time.


The full BebaBox Collection is included in The BebaBox, which also includes all essentials needed for the hygiene of baby and mother in the maternity ward or at home. Besides this, subsets of The BebaBox Collection are available in The BebaBox Essentials Collection and The BebaBox Clean & Dream Collection.

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BebaBox - Minimizing unnecessary stress

As one of the most important keys to success is to listen, to discuss and to adapt, we would love for you to share your experiences with us when it comes to BebaBox as well as any feedback or suggestions you might have. Please contact us and let's create this world in which you are enabled to enjoy life with your new-born to the fullest.

Warm regards,

Štefanija & Wouter, parents of Karlo and Filip

Our mission

Make the life of new parents easier and less stressful in the most stressful period of their lives; the period in which their baby is born. We do this by offering a solution that helps parents minimize the stress created by ‘practical’ obligations.

Our vision

Be on the forefront in a world in which new parents have no negative stress but can enjoy life to the fullest with their newborn and together as a family.