Nataša Janjić loves BebaBox too

Foto: Instagram

"The Croatian actress Nataša Janjić is counting the last days of her pregnancy. Several months ago she confirmed the happy news exclusively to Story that she was going to be a mother", writes Story magazine. The actress decided to make the final preparations before the baby is born "so she has already washed the clothes for her son who has just not arrived yet". The text was backed up by a picture from the Instagram profile of Nataša showing washed BebaBox clothes. The actress is followed by more than 73 thousand fans.

How much she likes the BebaBox package Nataša showed when she published four video stories on Instagram a few days ago, showing what is in the BebaBox package, item by item. Video stories published by Nataša can be viewed on our Instagram profile at ‘highlights’.

The picture from the Instagram profile of Nataša where BebaBox clothes are drying has also been published on the portal.

We are very happy that one of our most famous actresses; the beautiful and beautifully pregnant Nataša Janjić, has shown trust in BebaBox and has become part of this beautiful story.